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Thoughts, Dreams and Reality

The sun is shining and everyone seems to be happy. People's mindset tends to change when the sun comes out. Things get a little easier....relaxed and calmer.

This got me thinking about what I wanted from life versus what I have got and I decided I would share my thoughts with you......


I wish I had been this passionate about reloving furniture when I was ohhh say, 25 (i'm a little older that that now!). At that time I had the energy, the drive and commitment to carve out a very different career for myself than the one I ended up in.

Don't get me wrong - my career has been very rewarding, enabling me to travel and expand my horizons further than I ever though possible. The drive I had then was fierce and I progressed my career at lightening speed making sure I achieved the steps and goals that everyone was aiming for.

But as you get older, you tend to realize that there are other things in life that are more important - such as people, happiness and peace.

Now, with all this experience behind me, I appreciate the natural beauty of this world, the people in my life - both family and friends and my fur babies. I lost my Dad in 2000 before we moved out to Canada and you know what - I miss him so so much. I lost my Mum 4 years ago and there's a huge gap in my life there that I try to fill with other things....kinda like an orphan now. But I have my Brother and his family, we have grown closer than ever and I appreciate both him and my 'adoptive' sister (his wife) and their family. Love you guys.

Sometimes, I worry about things too much - silly things like house repairs, driving in the snow and money. I wonder if I am doing this too much and missing out on the greater things in life. I force myself not to think about these things, but well, sometimes its hard.


OK, like everyone else, we all wish that we had more. Not necessarily money but just....more.

Whether that is cars, vacations or just 'stuff'. Having more or better cars doesn't bother me....I drive a 10 year old truck. I always wanted one and found this sweet ride 18 months ago. I truly love it and wouldn't swap it for the world (although I have been offered more than I paid for it).

Now don't get me wrong - I would love to get away for some sun. I haven't had a proper vacation for 4 maybe 5 years. Things happened and it wasn't meant to be. Lots of people take multiple holidays - even my brother and his family, but well their lives are different than mine. And stuff, well I must admit I buy things I don't need occasionally (OK,more than occasionally - but whose counting). But who doesn't.

One day I'm going to win the lottery...Ha Ha Ha. One day, I;m going to take a vacation to New Zealand. One day I'm going to open a dog rescue place. One day.....


So I have these thoughts that manifested into dreams that I now have to turn into reality. Hmmm.......

Don't think I'll win the lottery - but you never know.

New Zealand is not really way out of reach and maybe I'll get there.

And why can't I open a Dog Rescue?

If we didn't have thoughts and dreams, then reality means nothing.

So now, one by one, I'm going to try and achieve these things. Everyone needs a goal and path....I do, walk them!

Here's to my next goal on this path of mine......making Sweet Pea Vintage a success! And I'm looking forward to you walking this path with me.


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