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Ohhhh the frustration....

Happy Happy Easter Everyone.....may I wish you peace, love and blessings.

I wanted to bring to your attention a big frustration of mine.....maybe you can help, or maybe I just need to get this off my chest.

I read a lot and follow my fellow bloggers pages and one thing that no one mentions is the frustration of getting hold of pieces of furniture to work on.

My fellow recyclers (not sure that's a word, anyway...) in the USA they seem to have some amazing places to 'shop' at. Beautiful unwanted pieces and great deal prices that can be transformed into something that everyone wants.

Here in Canada - we don't seem to have that luck. Pieces are hard to come by with a lot of people going after the same item. I shop at every thrift store I can find, charity shops in the city and in the local villages, go to local auctions, buy and sell websites, yard sales and even trawl the streets for items that are left on the sidewalk. Sure, I get lucky sometimes....but only sometimes. Arghhhh.

And as for the prices...well, I know a lot of places are trying to make money for charity - and I applaud that, but I noticed over the past year....some places charge more than they used to. I see my USA bloggers paying everything from 99 cents to $5 for something that I have to pay $10 for. I don't want to dis the charity - so I pay it.

With this economy too, I also found that there are more charity and thrift stores opening up. Good I guess for people like me, however its sad that its gone that way.

Anyhow, now that is off my chest, I'm going to take a trip to the city and see what I can find.

Thanks for listening :)

Ciao for now.

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