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Did you know that Furniture has Soul?

So I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago who could possibly turn into a Client as well. I went to pick up a beautiful French Provincial Dining Room Table and Chairs that was no longer needed in her home. Thank you Linda.

Linda and I got chatting and she turned out to be a lovely likable lady. She wore sunglasses while we chatted outside (it was a beautiful sunny day) and I felt a friendliness and openness to her. Throughout our conversation about the dining room set, she explained to me that the set had been purchased by her late husband and although she loved the pieces, she needed to move on and bought a larger striking black dining room table with matching chairs that looked amazing in her home. I noted a little sadness in her voice and when she removed her sunglasses there were tears in her eyes. I think she felt a little guilty for replacing the set she had for years.

Linda went onto mention that she had a bedroom set that had been with her for years too - 32 years if I remember rightly. The amount of time that she had been married. She wanted to show them to me and I was more than willing to take a look at the loved pieces that she had.

She had two nightstands, two waterfall vanity dressers with mirrors and a tall set of drawers. I was taken aback with the beauty of the pieces and even though they had some wear, I didn't notice that for the stunning presence they had in her rooms.

She was thinking of getting the pieces re-loved and was asking for advice. I think that she thought that the pieces need work on them, so as to preserve the memory of them....but I gave her the advice that she should live with the pieces as is for now.

Just because you re-varnish/re-paint a piece of furniture doesn't always give you peace of mind. To lie in bed next to a nightstand a look at the areas that have been marked by time and caressed by a loved one can give you the utmost pleasure and feel that they are still there with you.

Linda is looking for a new home right now and then only at that time should she re-love her precious pieces. That way she can move on to her next stage in life and take along the soul of her loved one. What a memory!

God Bless you Linda. Thank you for sharing and may peace and happiness flood your life forevermore.


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